Happy blogoversary !!!

 I can’t believe its been six years! (tomorrow)



Making Clouds: Winter Reprieve Activity

I was surprised and grateful this cloudsentire week of school has been cancelled due to snow. I know we will have to make those days up, however, I was given just enough time to start and finish a project I have had on my mind since I started teaching.

Thankfully, now it is coinciding with my weather & climate unit (hopefully, that will disguise my eagerness to continue to decorate my classroom- I’m sure few will be fooled). Yet, I think the students will enjoy a change in scenery.

These puff-balls were pretty easy to make a bag of poly-fill, a few dowel supports some hot hot glue and voila – a cloud or two or three! Now to hang them from my classroom ceiling…

Classroom Pics

I just wanted to share with you a few pictures of my new science classroom. I had so many ideas about how I wanted everything to look. After spending several days perusing Pinterest, and several teaching websites I ended up choosing various posters exhibiting my sentiment and other items that fit with my science content. Currently, I’m not quite finished setting everything up. It has been a process of trial and error finding out what works best for the students.  (I have already changed the desk arrangement since the photo was taken).

None-the-less please enjoy the following images!

Classroom1 Classroom2 Classroom3

Cells – ParticleMen

Finally, I have gotten around to sharing one of these songs with you! It is by a group called ParticleMen you can find more of their work on YouTube. I love how they simplify scientific information and create an entertaining song with visuals. Enjoy!

Excitement In The Air!

Recruitment or Employment Issues Chalk Drawing Student teaching is over, classes are over and I just landed my first teaching job! I could not be more excited!

I hope to have a few more posts during the Christmas season, however, I will likely have infrequent posts until summer. My apologies!

I will try to share a few interesting tid bits along the way!

Fall Break: Trip to Nashville

My husband and I took a much needed trip to Nashville this past week. We had a wonderful time visiting the downtown farmer’s market, seeing a Kandinsky exhibit at the art museum (Frisk Center for the Arts), watch Lorikeets fly over us at the Nashville Zoo, climb the steps of the Parthenon and see President Andrew Jackson’s grave at his Hermitage plantation. It was an action packed weekend but it was fun site-seeing and relaxing. Here’s a few of my favorite animal photos from the zoo. ENJOY!





Rocks As Resources

Perhaps my idea of coal mining was a little too reminiscent of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and perhaps a bit outdated…

This past week I discussed with my students the uses of many rocks and minerals. I began the lesson by defining what a natural resource was and transitioned into talking about an economically valuable resource for the state of Kentucky, coal. I shared this video from CBS about coal mining, I was truly impressed (and so were they) by the ingenuity of the new machinery used to  extract the coal. Please enjoy!

Meet AROL!

Arol is the newest member in my freshwater aquarium. He is a Flame Dwarf Gourami. This type of Gourami is named for their brilliant red-orange color. Despite his bright colors he is quite shy and frequently hides in the aquatic plants I have in my tank. He seems to be getting along swimmingly with my other fish.  Unlike my cichlids, tetras and cherry barbs  Arol will come to the surface to feed, rather than wait for the food to sink in the water column. Welcome, Arol to your new freshwater community!