Into the Cave

As an early birthday & anniversary gift my husband and I took a mini vacation to Mammoth Cave. Only a couple of hours from home it was a nice get away. A beautiful park of deciduous trees, wildlife and hidden limestone passage ways.

Once, you reach the main information center there is an assortment of cave tours you may choose from depending how adventurous you may feel. We decided to opt for Domes & Dripstones tour lasting around 2 hours, we saw many breath-taking sights within the cave including more than a few stalagmites and stalactites. Above are a few images representing our journey into the cave. Enjoy!


Snakes Skin

So for the first time I have found snake skin in my backyard. I was getting the tomato cages out of our shed when it caught my eye. I actually thought it was the snake itself at first and was a bit frightened due to its size. I then went back to give it another look and take a picture. Very cool, now to find the snake…


The Ant

Every time we are outside either playing fetch with Otis, watering the flowers or mowing the lawn we see an ant crossing the cable (for our dog) that links one of our pear trees to the ash tree. We hardly use it these days because Otis hates being outdoors by himself regardless of heat. Anyway I figured I would capture one of these tree travelers while I was outdoors. Enjoy!

Vegetable gardening 101

My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view.  ~H. Fred Dale 

My husband and I  put in our very first vegetable garden after an inspirational visit to a fruitful garden in Texas. We debated for a while about raising the garden bed  but realized its fine to just till the existing soil.  With a little help from a classmate I was told where we could get soil tested, and receive recommendations for soil content based on the type of vegetation you are planting.  So I dug up a few cups worth of soil and had it sent off. In the meantime, I decided to start the vegetable seeds in small peat containers. For a while they did very well, they all germinated however one day I left them out too long in the sun and subsequent days later  insect larvae (caterpillars) finished them off. So we ended up purchasing a few plants knowing their survivorship would be much higher than starting new seedlings. So we picked up 5 Pepper plants, 8 corn, 4 herbs, 8 peas, 8 string beans. Soon our test results were in and we picked up the appropriate fertilizer. So today was planting day, we had a friend till our 5’x10′ garden plot and then planted  our vegetables. Lastly, to deter herbivory we put in a small 2′ fence. Now we’re just waiting to enjoy the fruits of our labor! (With definitely, some watering & weeding in between that time.)

What’s outside your window?

As I was filling the suet feeder this morning, I noticed a small creature poking out from underneath my air-conditioning unit… It was a skink!

(Sorry, the picture’s a bit blurry, I ran in quickly to grab my camera and I only got  one shot off before it dove back under).