Making Clouds: Winter Reprieve Activity

I was surprised and grateful this cloudsentire week of school has been cancelled due to snow. I know we will have to make those days up, however, I was given just enough time to start and finish a project I have had on my mind since I started teaching.

Thankfully, now it is coinciding with my weather & climate unit (hopefully, that will disguise my eagerness to continue to decorate my classroom- I’m sure few will be fooled). Yet, I think the students will enjoy a change in scenery.

These puff-balls were pretty easy to make a bag of poly-fill, a few dowel supports some hot hot glue and voila – a cloud or two or three! Now to hang them from my classroom ceiling…


Recent* Craft Project

WreathsilkOne of my friends after her wedding gave me many of her leftover silk flowers. Naturally I couldn’t turn them down, you never know when you might find a good Pinterest craft that utilizes flowers. A few weeks later I ended up picking up a grape vine wreath and decided to use some of these beautiful flowers. I had a lot of fun figuring out which ones would work well together. I ended up just weaving the flowers into the vine (I was happy I didn’t even have to warm up the glue gun).


End of Art Week #1

Throughout last week I took the time to draw and create various imagery using oil pastels and my old photographs for reference.  This week I’m planning on changing to another medium -most likely textiles. However, to commemorate the end of the week I thought I would share a few more images of my work. Enjoy!



Finished Mountains

Along with working on the alligator pastel I finished up a mountain painting I started a year ago. I thought I share the finished work. Enjoy!


Pioneer mountains (finished work)


Mountain painting

Pioneer mountains (work-in-progress)

Oil Pastel Week

This week I plan on focusing on the medium of oil pastel for all my creative endeavors. So enjoy the next few days seeing various works done in oil. Below is one of my works-in-progress I started today.


Stampin’ Up!

In the era of Pinterest, the sharing of creativity and craftiness seems limitless. This weekend I was shown how far the tools of the paper-craft trade have advanced when I went to a Stampin’ Up party at my local church. I found so many stamps, punchers,  papers, ribbons, decals,  and embossers!  During this cession I made three different cards all based upon a provided example. I was pleased to see how readily I could duplicate this sample with the provided tools.  I could definitely see where these tools would be helpful in making multiples of the same card/creation. The catalog this company releases is truly a feast for the crafter’s eye there are so many fun ideas just in this one book! Feel free to look up this company at enjoy seeing so many fun-filled paper creations!

(c) Stamp In' Up 2013 catalog

(c) Stamp In’ Up 2013 catalog

Weaving 101

image from:

Rag rug image from:

There are different methods of weaving such as the simple basket made out of wicker or reed both of  which I have had little practice making. However, people throughout time have found ways to manipulate raw materials through weaving to form various textiles, baskets and products to improve the quality of life.

This past week I took the opportunity with the aid of a partner to weave a rag rug on a Sears and Roebuck loom at the local art guild. At first I  was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the loom,  it seemed a difficult contraption to configure/work. Yet after planning, gathering and cutting down our rags. The task of weaving began with the help of a guild member.

Working the loom can definitely be a workout for all four appendages; hands work the shuttle & beater while your legs work the treadles. Luckily the warp had already been setup before we started.

It was fun to see how the rag material came together. Many people use all sorts of materials in these rugs including: sweatshirts, panty-hose and plastic bread sacks. It took us around three hours to weave an 55″x27″ rug. Overall, this was a fun process I can’t wait to weave another!

Image from:

Check out this video from a real – weaver!

Craft ~ Yarn Eggs

When I was perusing my Pinterest account I found a very lovely Easter wreath made out of plastic eggs wrapped in yarn. Instead of making a wreath I decided I would make several individual eggs to display around our living room. I quickly learned that some yarns are better to use than others. The process utilizes hot glue to adhere the yarn to the plastic egg, so the heavier weight yarn not only helps to protect your fingers but also takes less time to wrap. Although, I usually avoid using hot glue, I thought the result was well worth it! What do you think?


Textile Doodle Pumpkin

Sorry I didn’t get this up before, but I actually just finished my pumpkin. I tried a few different non-carving decorating techniques and just wasn’t happy the way it was turning out. Soo… I dug through my scrap paper bin and found my scrap rice paper and started to decapage the various items onto my pumpkin. Then I hot glued on some felt buttons and yarn and sharpied in a few designs. Sorry for the wait but here you are at last!

Surrealist pumpkin

Painting in Progress

So I decided to crack out my old oil paints, easel and favorite mountain photograph and paint for a few hours one evening. The following painting isn’t quite finished there are a few things I still may change. It feels so good to paint again – hope to share more with you!