J. Brett inspired sketches

Enjoyed an evening of sketching, inspired by by favorite children’s book. Here are my favorites:

Brettrabbit Brettchild Brettowl


Watercolor fun

A few weeks ago I learned a new watercolor technique, to start you paint a glue outline which resists the watercolor. After letting this dry, you can apply any water color design on top. Lastly, you outline your painting at every color transition. Here is an example of my finished work using this technique. Enjoy!


Night Sketch

Last night I was in one of those creative moods where I really wanted to make/draw/paint something. So I took out a pen, some paper and a few favorite photographs to reference and started drawing. Here’s what resulted:


Betta drawings

Just wanted to share with you a few quick sketches I did the other day. Lately, I’ve been a little fish obsessed. They definitely have more personality than what I expected. Enjoy!

The Nightly Sketch

Since I’ve moved to Murray which will be 1 year from tomorrow I have not sketched just for fun. So tonight after working a long shift at Office Depot I decided to grab one of my favorite gel pens and some nice 32lb paper and drew for about 15 minutes. I was referencing a photograph I took while I stayed with my sister and her family back in October. So here is the result -enjoy some good black on white!