Photo of the Week

This is a picture from this past Thanksgiving; I finally got around to getting it off my camera. Thought you might enjoy.



Photo of the week: Eddy & Betty

In previous years, during the summer, we’ve notice only a solitary broad-headed skink living beneath our air conditioning unit. This year I made the discovery we have a pair. They are the typical lizard basking in the sun,  can climb a number of surfaces, and have a slippery, scaly look about them. I managed to get a quick picture of them while they were hanging out together. Enjoy!

Male & female Broad-headed skinks

Male & female Broad-headed skinks

Fun photo Wednesday

Today was a beautiful day so I thought I would take a short break from my studies and enjoy the weather. I also brought along my camera just in case a photo opportunity arose. Here are a few of my best shots.

Pin-Oak Catkins (The reason for my recent sneezing)

Pin-Oak Catkins (The reason for my recent sneezing)


Blending In

(Milo) Blending In


Wisteria with Bumblebee

Wisteria with Bumblebee

Snow & Ice


I know for most of the country this winter has been unseasonably cold.  Here is a picture I snapped from our kitchen window this morning after the rain, snow and below freezing temperatures last night.

Into the Woods #2

What a beautiful Monday afternoon, without classes nor homework. Today my husband and I took a trip out to LBL for a trail running secession, for him, and a photography secession, for me. Its been a while since I’ve taken any nature photographs so I thought I would share some that I took today. Although, life seems at a standstill this time of year, mosses, lichens, birds still persist while others hibernate.