Flyer Design

The following flyer I designed as a part of a school supplies drive at my church. This is only version 1.0 so there may be a few revisions before it finally goes to the printer. None-the-less enjoy my latest Photoshop creation!



Label design

Yesterday I decided to make a few labels for a few of the beers for our upcoming BBQ & Beer Festival in a few weeks. It was fun coming up with various themes to fit the various flavors.



portfolio Today, I  decided to make another on-line portfolio featuring my illustration, design, animation and photography work. Luckily, through you are able to easily put together a site in one afternoon (if it is relatively simple).I’m sure I’ll be revising a few things over the course of the next few days. However, take a peek and tell me what you think!

Latest Design

It’s been a hard transition getting back into the swing of things from not having class last week. One project  I’ve been working on is a re-design of a webpage as a part of a Service Learning Project for my Conservation Biology class (you should check out the original site). The original author put in a ton of time into all the information and used the best resources at the time for design. Here is my introductory page (splash page)  keep in mind its a work in progress. Enjoy!

Splash page for Website

Santa Claws flyer

Yesterday I finished up a Santa Claws photo flyer for the Humane Society. This time I had a few more things to include besides their desired text (pictures of Santa with pets).  Initially I got into a bad rut with designing,  so it took me longer than usual. In the end I ended up scrapping my original design and moved on to the design I have pictured below.  I used Illustrator to make the snowflakes and Indesign to layout the rest of the flyer.  Another great portfolio building experience!

Humane Society 2011 Calendar

A recent project I worked on for the Humane Society was their 2011 pet calendar. I designed the cover, back, and inside cover spread using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.  Overall, it was a fun experience seeing all the entries, and delegating them to a certain month. I also learned quite a bit from working with a printer.  Contact the Calloway County Humane Society if you’re interested in purchasing a calendar. Below are images of the front-cover and back-cover of the calendar.




Critter Concert Poster

I just wanted to share with you something I’ve recently created . This is a poster I designed for a benefit for the Humane Society of Calloway County. Some of my intentions for the poster was to keep the color scheme rather simple, and reflect the upcoming holiday. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the images of the dog, cat and bird and Indesign to layout the text and page. Feel free to leave a critique of the design. I’d love some feedback.


Benefit poster



Photoshop brought to life

Today I was going through my inbox and came across a link to this picture in an email from a friend. It’s an image of the interface of Photoshop rendered in real world objects. I thought it was fun to see a digital environment come to life. I love the tools panel especially the paint bucket! From what I can tell it isn’t photoshopped.

A larger version of the image can be found here.

Designing a logo

Over the past couple of weeks I have been designing a logo for my potential design/illustration small business. Of course the business would not start up until after I graduated, if I do start up a business. Either way a logo is a good way for an illustrator or designer to brand his or herself and really figure out how they would like to be represented in the professional world. I’ll be using my logo for my portfolio website and  stationery.

My idea for my business is to design and create illustrations for educational interactives for art/science  museums, hospitals or even a nature center. Being an illustrator, accuracy is one of the most important aspects in any image that is created especially if its intention is to represent or teach something.  So based upon my intentions for my business, I’d love your opinion of the following two designs.

Please take my poll.


(Thanks Ahab – for the idea!)

Fonts Personified: Font Conference

Most people are familiar with the various fonts or type faces that you are able to choose from while you are working in Microsoft word, InDesign or any other word-processing or design software. You may even notice that each font has a little bit of character. That is why when I stumbled across the following video- I had to laugh and I had to share this with you! My favorite is Wingdings.