Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-poster-21The fate of the galaxy rests upon this motley crew of heroes! This is the main plot sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy a newly released box office, sci-fiction film. Last week my husband and I decided to see this end-of-summer, Marvel flick at our local theater. Unlike many Marvel films this one does not take itself too seriously. When the going gets rough,  the tension is often alleviated with some sort of joke or situational humor.

The infusion of 1970s music, and well-crafted CG adds a unique element to this galactic tale. Characters such as Rocket and Groot exhibit life-like qualities and likable dispositions that make them easily the most beloved characters on screen.

I would highly recommend seeing this one in theaters. The larger-than-life battle, planetary and nebulae elements are quite spectacular. However, a caution in bringing the youngsters the language and sexual references are really not appropriate for young audience members.

See the Guardians of the Galaxy Full movie trailer here !


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