Movie Review: Saving Mr. Banks

saving-mr-banks-featuredThe  meaning behind an artist’s work is most often interpreted differently by its audience. This is what writer P.L. Travers  grapples with when giving the rights of her book, Mary Poppins, to the famous Walt Disney.

In this award-winning movie Travers, played by Emma Thompson, struggles to let go; unwilling to depart from her ideas of how the story should be imagined. She relentlessly puts down one  idea after another that the production team proposes. This includes her demands to get rid of Mr. Banks mustache (which Mr. Disney specifically requested).

This well-cast feature Saving Mr. Banks explores the steps of turning a story into a film. Along with this portrayal of the film-making process is a glimmer of what inspired the original story. Together these plot lines weave together an entertaining tale. However, don’t forget your Kleenex  this one will likely have you weeping! Despite several tear-enticing moments there are plenty of humorous situations that keep this movie light-hearted. I would highly recommend this one for a Friday night flick!


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