Photo of the week: Eddy & Betty

In previous years, during the summer, we’ve notice only a solitary broad-headed skink living beneath our air conditioning unit. This year I made the discovery we have a pair. They are the typical lizard basking in the sun,  can climb a number of surfaces, and have a slippery, scaly look about them. I managed to get a quick picture of them while they were hanging out together. Enjoy!

Male & female Broad-headed skinks

Male & female Broad-headed skinks


Book Review: The Book Thief

the-book-thiefAmong the many novels set in Germany during the Second World War, the Book Thief has a fresh perspective, and a rather unconventional narrator. Among the various plot lines the main character, nine-year-old, Liesel finds her solace in learning to read, and thieving books. The book thief herself soon learns the power, the beauty and the weight of words.

Amongst the bombings, demonstrations and public humiliations many characters such as Rudy, the lemon-haired boy (and best friend to Liesel) and Hans Huberman, Liesel’s foster father, serve as comic relief in spite of great loss and sacrifice. The characters are frequently tested; often choosing between what is right and what is easy.

This novel contains a little bit of everything,  adventure/survival, suspense and history. I would highly-recommend putting this one on your summer reading list!