Fun photo Wednesday

Today was a beautiful day so I thought I would take a short break from my studies and enjoy the weather. I also brought along my camera just in case a photo opportunity arose. Here are a few of my best shots.

Pin-Oak Catkins (The reason for my recent sneezing)

Pin-Oak Catkins (The reason for my recent sneezing)


Blending In

(Milo) Blending In


Wisteria with Bumblebee

Wisteria with Bumblebee


Watercolor fun

A few weeks ago I learned a new watercolor technique, to start you paint a glue outline which resists the watercolor. After letting this dry, you can apply any water color design on top. Lastly, you outline your painting at every color transition. Here is an example of my finished work using this technique. Enjoy!


Early Spring Blooms

Yesterday, I decided to get my camera out and photograph everything that is blooming or budding in our backyard. I was surprised to see the hostas are coming up, and our pear trees have small leaves and blooms on them. It won’t be long before the rest of the trees have their leaves and the planting season will begin. Enjoy these early buds & blooms!


3D printer fabricating nature

The technology that currently exists never ceases to amaze me. I recently watched this video from and gained an appreciation for a recent endeavor  to restore coral reef habitat.  As displayed with this featured scientist, sometimes you do not  know where your passion will take you. Enjoy this short clip!