Snowed In?

Milo napping in basket

Milo napping in basket

Although, this winter weather isn’t quite as treacherous as what I remember from living in the Midwest, school now has been cancelled for the third day. I  braved the winter weather (to get a few store items) and noticed  very  few side roads had been cleared. Overall, making the trip to the  store was a little  unnerving. I saw motorist try and bulldoze through a sizable pile of snow between lanes in a low clearance car, heard tires spinning  of stranded motorists in un-plowed parking lots. This  reassured me that it is better to stay inside today. Fortunately, I am using this time to catch up on a few things such as blogging, studying and dusting off the camera to get a few quick pictures of the snow and my furry companions.


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