On February 21st Artemisia tridentata turned 5! Just wanted to say thank you for all your support!



Frozen: A Musical Delight

As a part of our Spring break festivities my husband and I finally took the opportunity to see the new Disney flick, Frozen. Although, we both had seen many viral videos involving snippets of the movie they did not give away the fantastical adventure, humor, and visual/listening delight this feature entails.

Set in a quaint mountain valley, this story tells the relationship of  two sisters who do not realize how important they are to one another. Along the way characters from trolls, snowmen and caribou weave their way into this light-heart-ed tale.

Approximately one-third of the film is musical, my favorite numbers include Let It Go and  In Summer. I would highly recommend this movie to all audiences young and old! Take some time to enjoy this listening pleasure!

Sprucing Up the Yard

Finally,  Old Man Winter has ventured Northward, leaving us warmer weather and sunny days. Today my husband and I took the opportunity to rake up those leftover leaves from last fall and see the new growth residing underneath. The day lilies are starting to spring up, the daffodils are already blooming and the peonies are showing their reddish pink stems. It will only be a few weeks until the trees start leafing out and more flowers begin to bloom.

I am ever so eager to begin looking through my surplus seed packets (from last year) and begin planning the vegetable and flower gardens. Spring has sprung so be prepared to see more posts on gardening and other outdoor endeavors!

Snowed In?

Milo napping in basket

Milo napping in basket

Although, this winter weather isn’t quite as treacherous as what I remember from living in the Midwest, school now has been cancelled for the third day. I  braved the winter weather (to get a few store items) and noticed  very  few side roads had been cleared. Overall, making the trip to the  store was a little  unnerving. I saw motorist try and bulldoze through a sizable pile of snow between lanes in a low clearance car, heard tires spinning  of stranded motorists in un-plowed parking lots. This  reassured me that it is better to stay inside today. Fortunately, I am using this time to catch up on a few things such as blogging, studying and dusting off the camera to get a few quick pictures of the snow and my furry companions.