Bill Nye comes to Murray

Photo by Fumi Nakamura

Photo by Fumi Nakamura

Yesterday the Science Guy, Bill Nye, visited Murray State’s campus as a part of its Presidential Lecture Series. Despite the icy weather conditions  an enthusiastic crowd from the community showed up complete with signs and cardboard-cutouts.  The evening began with pictures and stories of his father working on refueling planes on Wake Island. Nye’s love of science was seemingly inherited from his father much like his affinity for sundials. Throughout the lecture  Nye utilized visuals to further illustrate his talking-points. As expected  his jovial, witty personality seemed to win over the crowd.

Looking back at the evening I thought the information that he shared from the planetary society was most interesting. Especially the segment on utilizing Xenon as fuel. He also emphasized the importance for science learning for future scientific discovery. Overall, a worth-while evening listening to a great science advocate, and edutainer.

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