Teeny Tiny – New Fry discovered

01teenyweenieThe miracle of life in a fish tank is more or less one day you have seven fish the next day you have more. This morning when I woke up to feed my  fish I saw a teeny tiny fish swimming around, a new cherry barb! Below is the best picture I took of this little fish hiding in the aquarium plants. He is about 1 cm long. Enjoy!


Into the Woods #2

What a beautiful Monday afternoon, without classes nor homework. Today my husband and I took a trip out to LBL for a trail running secession, for him, and a photography secession, for me. Its been a while since I’ve taken any nature photographs so I thought I would share some that I took today. Although, life seems at a standstill this time of year, mosses, lichens, birds still persist while others hibernate.






Larger Than Life Microbiology

I found an article  on a friend’s site to be quite interesting. She had linked to post about a sculptor named Luke Jerram. Since 2004, this artist has showcased numerous  glass sculptures of various, pathogenic viruses. This artist seems to choose many of the most deadly viruses, to construct at a larger than life size. Several artistic liberties beyond size were taken in designing these microscopic entities. (The glass sculptures are approximately 1 million times the actual size of their subject.)  According to sources Jerram designs the sculptures than sends them off to a professional glass blower. Enjoy, the following example of this artist’s intricately designed work!


T4 bacteriophage  www.theverge.com

Back to School

Today marks the beginning of another semester. After this semester I plan on student teaching in the fall, and hopefully soon after have a classroom of my own. Along with this semesters studies I plan on taking a few of the teaching certification tests. So here’s to more learning & studying!

A Week Late…


I’m back after a much needed holiday, Iowa could not be more beautiful this time of year. I almost forgot, happy- belated new year! I hope you are having a good start to 2014. I know its been rather cold for most of the northern-half of the country. I hope you are all staying warm or comfortable (if you are already warm).This past week I’ve been reflecting upon the past year and have come up with a well-intended list of resolutions. They are as follows:

1) Read more

2) Prevent cavities at all costs

3) Make more gifts

4) Run more

5) Take more pictures of family & friends