Merry Christmas

I’ve had another wonderful year and as I look back I realize how blessed I am.  I hope you all, dear readers, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I will be gone for the next two weeks to visit family and friends. I’ll be sure to share a story or two when I return. Merry! Merry!

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Favorite things #2 Wrapping Ideas

There are so many different types of wrapping paper, ribbon and now washi tape that the possibilities are seemingly endless when trying to wrap a gift. However, I think there are two essential items a gift wrapper must consider 1) wrapping of some sort and 2) name indicator (unless one paper type is solely used for one person and you can remember your scheme). The ribbon, twine and other adornments just enhance the aesthetics of the gift and even help make the gift more personal. Below are some of my favorite wrapping ideas for all ages-enjoy!

Christmas time is here!

I must admit I was overcome with the Christmas spirit… and I put up our tree, addressed, stuffed & stamped our Christmas cards and wrapped presents all before Thanksgiving came to pass. Perhaps, it was the procrastination spirit… Yet none-the-less I am excited this blessed time is here that we may celebrate our Savior’s birth!