Review: Monsters University

As I talk to more and more people about college I am finding their response is, “That it’s not for everyone.” This is perhaps the lesson that our beloved monster friends Mike & Sully learn in the entertaining Pixar flick, Monsters University.  Despite this permeating note of reality, the movie demonstrates the ins and outs of the stereotypical life of a college student. Rivalry between various Greek organizations are pictured along with differing student mentalities such as the studious learner versus the partier.

Throughout the film there is a constant struggle with the main character  Mike, the one-eyed monster, he studies tirelessly and knows how to be scary but physically he is not scary at all. In the film he is confronted by the fact there is more to being a scarer then what is found in the pages of a book.

Will Mike throw aside his dream in being a scarer???  Find out how Mike & Sully find their way to the scare line in this newly released prequel.


Photo of the Week

Today I took a few pictures of the leaves. Simply beautiful. Here’s a favorite from my adventures.


Bald Cypress Tree