Tasty eats

I think its been a while since I had a food related post so I thought I would share with you some of my latest tasty indulgences.

I will start with a healthy 15 calorie drink by Minute Maid. I think this juice has a great blend of flavor and does not seem too artificial despite its calorie count.

from minutemaid.com

from minutemaid.com

Next is one of my favorite evening snacks. Orville definitely does it right with this popcorn! These kernels have a perfect balance between a buttery & salty taste. Enjoy with your favorite dinner flick or of course M&Ms.



This latest product by Kimberley definitely fulfills my sweet craving, although there are many flavors (pumpkin spice, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla bean) I think lemon is the best. The icing is delightfully scrumptious and the cake is moist with an creamy lemon custard filling. Check them out at your bakery section in your local supermarket!



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