Happy Halloween!

This year we decided to dress up our furry friends as crime-fighting heroes…



In a galaxy not so far away…

This semester I am taking an introductory Astronomy class and am loving every minute of it!  We’ve been discussing material on various types of telescopes, imaging techniques and ways to visualize various types of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. The past two weeks I have been re-learning the basics of Earth’s makeup and movement as well as  surveying the 8 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune ( Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet). I thought I would share some interesting astronomical bits from my studies.

from http://rastervectorgraphics-jchen.blogspot.com/
Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder… This age old nursery rhyme was actually put to bed this semester after I realized why stars appear to twinkle. Stars don’t really twinkle out there in distance space but rather it is atmospheric interference that causes this observed phenomenon.
from http://aa.usno.navy.mil/faq/docs/moon_phases.php
Does the face of the moon always seem the same? Well, it should the moon synchronously rotates with the Earth leading us to only see its “bright side” rather than its “dark side.” The few humans to look upon its other side have been the astronauts exploring its surface.
from wikipedia.org
Have you ever seen something that seemed so familiar? As I was reading my text I came across this moon of Saturn. It kind of reminded me of a popular George Lucas weapon… I was unable to confirm whether or not this was inspired by the great Death Star but I can definitely see a resemblance.

Welcome to the world Baby Barb!

Today as I was attempting to photograph the fish in my tank when I noticed an additional smaller fish… It took me aback for a second and of course then I screamed with delight. My cherry barbs produced via egg an offspring. I guess that explains their recent peculiar behavior. Yet I am surprised I noticed no eggs or smaller fry. None-the-less I am quite excited for this new development. I better keep a closer look on my fish friends. Enjoy the photo of the adult male cherry barb and young.


Informative interactive by Cornell Lab

Image by Greg Gillson

Image by Greg Gillson

If you would like to begin feeding the birds Cornell Lab of Ornithology has just  released a new interactive to help you get started. It categorizes what birds can be seen according to where you live as well as according to what they eat. Lastly, the program narrows down by feeder  the types of birds you may attract. Here’s the link – enjoy!


5k Zombie Mud run

Over the past year it seems a good portion of my friends  have taken on the challenge of a 5k run. After hearing about this unique race I thought I could not pass this one up. Not only is the course full of water obstacles but also people dressed up as zombies?! Perhaps my interest in watching the TV show the Walking Dead has made this idea rather intriguing. So here’s to hitting the pavement , a good pair of shoes and working to outrun those zombies!

Tasty eats

I think its been a while since I had a food related post so I thought I would share with you some of my latest tasty indulgences.

I will start with a healthy 15 calorie drink by Minute Maid. I think this juice has a great blend of flavor and does not seem too artificial despite its calorie count.

from minutemaid.com

from minutemaid.com

Next is one of my favorite evening snacks. Orville definitely does it right with this popcorn! These kernels have a perfect balance between a buttery & salty taste. Enjoy with your favorite dinner flick or of course M&Ms.



This latest product by Kimberley definitely fulfills my sweet craving, although there are many flavors (pumpkin spice, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla bean) I think lemon is the best. The icing is delightfully scrumptious and the cake is moist with an creamy lemon custard filling. Check them out at your bakery section in your local supermarket!