Middle School Literacy – READ!

Image from: www.npr.org

Image from: http://www.npr.org

This semester I am taking a middle school reading course. It is focused on various strategies that will  aid comprehension and motivation ultimately, promoting student literacy. This course is intended for all content areas (English, social studies, math and science) – every teacher is a reading teacher!

In light of this initiative to read more I was assigned to find three science-based novels. Since, I love the fun, quirkiness of science fiction I naturally chose this genre without much thought. I have already finished two novels by the young adult, science fiction writer, M.T. Anderson and have noticed the diversity of his writing style. Fortunately, I have found one of his novels  to be suitable for this middle school age group. I am beginning to realize that perhaps some of the books may be challenging not only in verse to the young adult reader but also in theme.

Beyond this semester, I hope to continue to work on building a reading list for my students so I can use other texts in my classroom.

If you remember any young, adult free reads please send me your recommendations (in the form of a comment to this post).


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