Ender’s Game

enders-gameI just finished this olde by goodie by Orson Scott Card only a few short months before its silver screen  debut.

This well-known modern science-fiction novel follows the life of military prodigy Ender Wiggins. Ender’s world is set many years into the future; Earth is controlled by an oppressive government. Here parents are limited to only a few children; they are selected at an early age for military service. This difficult tale is a coming of age story of a little boy that seemed destined to become the savior of mankind. He is charged with protecting Earth against  the Buggers, a hostile, alien race. Besides Ender’s task the requisite of his superior officers was equally as vital, to not destroy the child.

Ender’s military start begins at Battle school where the children learn military tactics, history and frequently face each other in battle scrimmages. Each newcomer or “launchie” eventually becomes a part of an army.  Here they train rigorously. The children eat, sleep and practice with their fellow army members.  The battle room, the flash suits and the zero gravity environment are just a few appealing components of the story that will intrigue space enthusiasts and science fiction enthusiasts a like.

I found this novel brilliantly written  and quite interesting. I would highly recommend this to any adventure/science fiction reader!


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