Photo of the week 8/28

Perhaps because of the heat here in Kentucky (mid 80s to low 90s temps) I am quite ready for fall. School has been in cession for a week and a half,  homework is piling up page by page and the fantasy football draft started today. Despite not being able to control the outdoor climate I thought I could at least make our home environment reflect my fall mindset. Specifically, today I cut some sunflowers that were auburn in color and placed them on the table to complete my dining room look. Here’s an artistic close up – enjoy!




Today, I watched a short documentary on birders in Central Park. I thought the people who were interviewed shared the same enthusiasm I have for birds. One interviewee remarked, “Seeing a new bird is almost like seeing  something as magical as a unicorn for the first time.” Although, some of the bird-watchers were definitely more fanatical than me (observing birds and notating their presence several days a week) none-the-less it was fun to see the diversity of birds in Central Park throughout the four seasons. If you are a fellow bird lover be sure to check out this short documentary Birders: The Central Park Effect.



Ender’s Game

enders-gameI just finished this olde by goodie by Orson Scott Card only a few short months before its silver screen  debut.

This well-known modern science-fiction novel follows the life of military prodigy Ender Wiggins. Ender’s world is set many years into the future; Earth is controlled by an oppressive government. Here parents are limited to only a few children; they are selected at an early age for military service. This difficult tale is a coming of age story of a little boy that seemed destined to become the savior of mankind. He is charged with protecting Earth against  the Buggers, a hostile, alien race. Besides Ender’s task the requisite of his superior officers was equally as vital, to not destroy the child.

Ender’s military start begins at Battle school where the children learn military tactics, history and frequently face each other in battle scrimmages. Each newcomer or “launchie” eventually becomes a part of an army.  Here they train rigorously. The children eat, sleep and practice with their fellow army members.  The battle room, the flash suits and the zero gravity environment are just a few appealing components of the story that will intrigue space enthusiasts and science fiction enthusiasts a like.

I found this novel brilliantly written  and quite interesting. I would highly recommend this to any adventure/science fiction reader!

Sitting in a tree

What a perfectly wonderful day today in the 70s with some sunshine! Definitely a great day for photographing. I thought I would share one of my favorite snap shots I took of a sweet little hummingbird relaxing.


Welcome Milo!

The cute little kitty from the previous post was adopted into our home. After many conversations between my husband and I, and after realizing this little guy was not causing me to sniffle and sneeze like most kitties… as well as a rather positive vet check-up we decided to keep him. He has the sweetest personality and most of all he loves to cuddle. Here is the newest member to our humble home, Milo:


Flyer Design

The following flyer I designed as a part of a school supplies drive at my church. This is only version 1.0 so there may be a few revisions before it finally goes to the printer. None-the-less enjoy my latest Photoshop creation!


Goodbye Friend

It was a sad end to our week, last Friday, when our beloved bunny passed away. She was around six years old and seemed to have a hop in her step up until her final day. I am sad to have lost such a good friend but will treasure the many wonderful memories she gave us.