TODAY was the day I took the 45 minute trip down to Paducah to pick out fish. I had a list of 10 + names I was interested in (a little different than what I originally posted) yet, helpful enough to narrow down the selection. I first talked to the department expertise about the size of tank I had and then about my fish wish list. I started with my first choice a more docile cichlid and then built my other choices around this fish. After picking them out (and purchasing them)  I packed them safely in a ice-free cooler for the ride back home. Upon arrival I set their bag in my tank, and waited around 30-45 minutes to release them. Below are a few photos I took of my fish  enjoying their new home:


Complete tank with fish

Bolivian ram

Bolivian ram

Cherry barb

Cherry barb

Long fin Tetra

Long fin Tetra



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