Tanked 2

tankRecently I was given a 20 gallon fish tank setup as an early Christmas/Birthday gift. I am overjoyed and a little overwhelmed to take my fish-keeping hobby to the next level. Yesterday I eagerly read through the instructions of each tank element/equipment ( the filter, the heater and the bubble pump) to insure I was installing it properly. Then I began washing the gravel, filling the tank with water, and installing the bubble curtain, Bio filter and 100 watt heater. By the end of the installation I was quite excited to see everything together. Now all I need is to wait for the tank to cycle and  do a little research on the various fish types that I would like to inhabit this tank fit for a king.

After a little looking/reading I constructed the below  gallery of fish that are possible contenders to live in  my tank. Enjoy the beautiful scales & fins!


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