Roof-top Gardening

Sometimes there are just too many vegetables to choose from and not enough space to plant them all. However, there is probably an exhaustive list out there on the world, wide, web  detailing various options such as lengthening your garden or using a pot system. However, we chose to garden on our carport roof after one of our neighbors gave us two planters full of squash and bean plants.

I placed the beans in a series of plastic planters I picked up from the Dollar Store, and drilled a whole in the bottom of each.  As for the squash, I (with the aid of my husband) built as I call it  “the squash box” so the plants would have ample room to grow. I enjoyed problem solving with what materials to use to insure the least amount of rotting along with adequate drainage.

So far the plants are doing quite well on their rooftop location. They have grown in size and are now starting to bud and flower. I wish the insects where deterred from this sky-high location however, aphids and beetles have managed to find them regardless. I’m not sure a sunny location would be appropriate for all vegetables be sure to consult the package.

Below are a few images from our roof-top garden. Enjoy!


Otis, our dog, tending the garden.



Bean plants

Bean plants


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