Backyard BBQ Event

Summer is the perfect time to dust off that Weber and that bag of charcoal sitting in your garage and start grilling. This past Saturday we did just that as well as invite 20 of our friends and neighbors to join in the feast. My husband took over the responsibilities for food and drinks and I helped with invitations, decorating and coordinating/organizing. It definitely wasn’t a spur of the moment event but due to the outdoor nature of this shin-dig there were some game time decisions made due to weather.

I must admit I got several of my decorating ideas from Pinterest and came up with a few of my own. Here are a few of my inspirations:


One of the greatest advantages of outdoor parties is the atmosphere. Fortunately, during the time of the party the weather was nice, flowers were blooming and everything was green! Citronella candles kept the bugs away and the food was delicious. Here are a few pictures I took to remind myself of this beautiful day. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Backyard BBQ Event

  1. So glad the clouds separated for you during your BBQ. I’m sure you and Daniel were wonderful hosts. Wish we could have tasted your pulled pork 🙂 Memories made.

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