portfolio Today, I  decided to make another on-line portfolio featuring my illustration, design, animation and photography work. Luckily, through weebly.com you are able to easily put together a site in one afternoon (if it is relatively simple).I’m sure I’ll be revising a few things over the course of the next few days. However, take a peek and tell me what you think!



Beauty shot

I know I just put up an image of this bird but I couldn’t resist putting up another. The evening and morning lighting conditions are perfect for creating such lovely photographs. Enjoy!


Rose-breasted grosbeak (c) Hepworth 2013

Colorful feathers

This week I was happy to see one of my favorite migrants return, the Rose-breasted Grosbeak. It seems every year I try to get a better photo of this beautiful bird. I recently moved a seed feeder closer to our office window and I think it paid off. I have seen such a variety of birds hanging out and feeding. I have also gotten  several opportunities to take some close-ups of those colorful feathers. Here are a few of my favorites:

Rose-breasted grosbeak (c) Hepworth  2013

Carolina wren (c) Hepworth 2013

Carolina wren (c) Hepworth 2013


House finch (c) Hepworth 2013

Fun With Reflections

Today while I was cleaning my fish bowls I thought I would document our latest fish friend, Lavinia. I really enjoyed trying to find a unique angle to show off her coloration as well as get a body shot and reflection in one frame. I think I did pretty well. Here’s my best attempt!


A Father’s Love

When I came across this story, I just had to share… Can you imagine ever competing in a triathlon or a marathon? Many may not consider these feats due to there physically demanding nature. However, devoted father Dick Hoyt not only competes in these events but brings his son with him every step of the way. Dick’s son Rick Hoyt, suffers from cerebral palsy. Rick is a bright intellectual graduating from Boston college but he is physically impaired.

He once asked his Father if he would consider participating in a 5k run with him, which of course he did not turn his son down. After competing Rick said, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.”

Since then Dick & Rick have competed as Team Hoydt in numerous marathons and triathlons. One never competes without the other.

To read more about their inspirational story click here.