Book Trailers

The PBS show Reading Rainbow was probably  version 1.0 of this new literacy tool for students. After stepping into a reading class I was surprised to see students eager to find out their new reading choices. Despite their geniune enthusiasm, to me the cause seemed unfounded, really reading? Moments later the teacher introduced a new  instructional unit. A Prezi presentation was opened and five video linked images appeared on the screen one for each book choice. Students listened while video trailers played a synopsis of each book complete with music, imagery and some voice overs. Afterward the instructor read the back of the book and held a copy in the air for all to see. There were multiple reactions to each one indicating individual taste. Who knew book choice and a simple introductory video could get students excited about reading?!

Although, most trailers you find on-line are perhaps not movie quality they give students a sneak peek of what will be found within the 100s of pages of their newly chosen text. Many publishers have started to make  trailers to accompany and promote their new books. Here is an example of one such trailer:


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