2013 Perennial & Annual Wish List

Spring is officially here! The purple crocus has once again sprung up in our front lawn indicating the new growing season. Although our last frost is not until mid April, I thought I would at least start getting together a list of ‘must haves’ for this season. So here are my gardening thoughts for 2013:

Perennial, Red hot pokerImage from: www.qvc.com

Perennial, Red hot poker
Image from: http://www.qvc.com

Annual, Bells of IrelandImage from: www.sowseeds.co.uk/

Annual, Bells of Ireland
Image from: http://www.sowseeds.co.uk/

Annual, DahliaImage from: www.mooseyscountrygarden.com

Annual, Dahlia
Image from: http://www.mooseyscountrygarden.com

Maidenhair fernImage from: joystclaire.blogspot.com

Perennial, Maidenhair fern
Image from: joystclaire.blogspot.com

English delphiniumImage from: home.gci.net

English delphinium
Image from: home.gci.net

LisianthusImage from: www.w-weddingflowers.com

Image from: http://www.w-weddingflowers.com

Annual, Poppy

Annual, Poppy

Wax flower(c) Nelson - Blue

Wax flower
(c) Nelson – Blue

Annual, Stock flowerImage from: flowerpictures.org

Annual, Stock flower
Image from: flowerpictures.org

Golden shrimp plantImage from: magilkey.com

Golden shrimp plant
Image from: magilkey.com


2 thoughts on “2013 Perennial & Annual Wish List

  1. I so love your list. The snow is piled pretty high around here. It will be awhile before my daffodils poke up, but the promise of spring always brings hope.

  2. Yesterday I picked up a package of gladiolus bulbs, peony and red hot poker roots to plant. I am eager to get them in the ground, I hope the weather cooperates! Fortunately we are not worried about snow piles but perhaps a little frost.

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