Learning about fronts and radar

Sky over Pioneer Mountains, Idaho

Sky over Pioneer Mountains, Idaho

In all of the science classes I have taken over the years, I really cannot remember one that covered weather and climate very extensively. Now, as a part of the science curriculum for middle school education, I am taking a class over this said material. The first week was a bit brutal, I think I was trying to tie in more to the equation of fronts, cloud types and pressure systems. This week things made a bit more sense… The chapter reviewed familiar terminology (the various layers of the atmosphere) and introduced the various scientific theories that describe how the atmosphere was formed. I was happy to read a few familiar theories and factoids on oxygen producing cyanobacteria and the importance of plants and decaying material that help maintain the perfect balance of Oxygen, Nitrogen (and a few other gases) in the atmosphere. I am sure I will share more about this course as the semester continues, so look out to read more on what happens in the sky…


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