Revisiting adolescence

There are some events in a lifetime that many people would/have blocked from memory…And I’m certain adolescent memories are among them.

Yet, I believe some individuals such as teachers can assist in making those memories more positive. Recently, I made a highly-deliberated decision to become certified to teach middle school, the 10-15 year old age group. I look forward to the challenges of instructing students that are in the transitory phase of childhood and adulthood. The  social, cognitive, moral and physical changes these young teenagers undergo emphasizes to me, as a soon to be teacher, the importance of not only becoming a great instructor but also mentor.

I just finished my second week in the course Teaching in the Middle Years. This class is focused on understanding the needs of adolescents and using  those implications  to form appropriate learning objectives, strategies and lesson plans. This course paired with remembering the various events in my adolescence has helped with understanding the attitudes many teenagers exhibit. Despite not being a parent, I also understand the struggle to decide when to expose  teenagers to  sensitive topics. In the public system the state has taken on the responsibility of deciding when this should occur. Sensitive topics I should clarify in this use is  sex education, child-rearing and marriage. Many parents agree in the public education system these topics  should be left to them. I foresee future conflict in protecting the guardianship rights of the parents and following the state standards.

On a much lighter note I thought I would share with you a few Zits comics and refresh your memory on your adolescence and/ or your child’s. Enjoy!





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