On December 30th my husband and I went to our first NFL game at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My husband is a huge Packers fan and I am known to cheer for them as well. When we arrived at the stadium there were hundreds of people gathered outside  a band, merchants, ticket scalpers, people dressed in all sorts of green, gold and purple attire. We made our way to our gate, got through security and found ourselves in a wall to wall mosh pit of people. Luckily, we did not have far to go to our entrance. Once inside I was amazed by the crowd of people and the dome itself. At our seats we found a towel and a program with information on the teams.

The opening game festivities soon began a large air-filled Viking ship took up one entrance into the stadium. A large fabricated horn sat in the in zone and soon the Viking mascot and a man dressed in Norse- attire riding a Harley took the field. The Skol band began to play and soon the cheer-leaders began their routine. The Packers were the first to take the field a good number of the crowd arose and cheered as their team entered. Soon the stadium erupted into cheers as the Vikings took the field and starting players were announced. Soon the crowd was hushed and the National Anthem was performed by a boys choir. The coin was tossed and the game began!

I could hardly believe the energy of the crowd. The noise in the dome at times was deafening. The crowd overall was relatively well behaved there were a few instances were a few refreshment cans were thrown among rival fans.

I found our seats to be quite decent and I was able to take quite a few nice pictures. I found the experience very enjoyable and would likely go again – hopefully, next time the  Packers will win!


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