The Amazing Spiderman

At an early age I remember growing up and watching Spiderman on Saturday mornings with my siblings. This 90s animated TV series seems to govern my preferences to which live-action Spiderman flick I would enjoy the most.

Arising out of the 2000s were several Spiderman movies starring Toby McGuire, featuring the iconic Spiderman kiss scene with Kristin Dunst.

Since the formation of this movie triology a new Spiderman live-action movie has entered theaters (and now released), the Amazing Spiderman. Although this tale is the same story of everyone’s favorite web-slinging friend this time with a new cast, portrays a different aspect of this superhero. In many ways he seems more human… A small framed teenager with a jaded past, hoping to right his wrongs.

If  action movies really trip your trigger be sure and pick this one up! There are a few cheesy moments when our hero is helped by his beloved fans, which some may dislike, however I think its just one aspect to comic – based movies that endears us to those heroes among us.


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