Critters coming in… but not for Thanksgiving!

Its that time of year again when the temperature drops and the ground freezes and many of the furry and chitin creatures (insects) seek a warmer and for some damp environment. Sadly our invaded space is our laundry room  which also houses a few bags of bird seed and suet so it is favored by the rodent types. Luckily, our count is only to two on these visiting wildlings. Yet, I think in some ways the appearance of these fuzzy creatures out weighs that of  the camel (or greenhouse-stone) crickets (or as our neighbors call them spider crickets). Their very large curved abdomen and hind-limbs make them a bit menacing looking (for a creature the size of your pinky finger). So here’s to creature proofing your home — and enjoying a critter free Thanksgiving!

greenhouse-stone-cricket from


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