A walk through the woods

This past week my husband and I, along with his family decided to enjoy the nice 60 degree November weather by hiking around one of our favorite trails. Of course, I brought along my favorite pair of binoculars, camera and field guide. I saw many birds on the hike this included: Red-winged blackbirds, a Norther flicker, Downy woodpecker, a Great Blue Heron, Canada Geese, and a flock of American Wigeons. I also heard a White-throated Sparrow calling from the shrubbery around the lake. Sadly, I did not attempt to capture any of them digitally, however I did capture a few scenes of fall. Below are a few of my favorites please enjoy.

View across Hematite Lake

Floating Oak leaves

Exposed pappus of seeds

View into Hickory & Oak forest

Solitary Sweet gum leaf


The Amazing Spiderman

At an early age I remember growing up and watching Spiderman on Saturday mornings with my siblings. This 90s animated TV series seems to govern my preferences to which live-action Spiderman flick I would enjoy the most.

Arising out of the 2000s were several Spiderman movies starring Toby McGuire, featuring the iconic Spiderman kiss scene with Kristin Dunst.

Since the formation of this movie triology a new Spiderman live-action movie has entered theaters (and now released), the Amazing Spiderman. Although this tale is the same story of everyone’s favorite web-slinging friend this time with a new cast, portrays a different aspect of this superhero. In many ways he seems more human… A small framed teenager with a jaded past, hoping to right his wrongs.

If  action movies really trip your trigger be sure and pick this one up! There are a few cheesy moments when our hero is helped by his beloved fans, which some may dislike, however I think its just one aspect to comic – based movies that endears us to those heroes among us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I am about a week early on posting this message but I’m afraid amidst the cleaning, cooking and all my other responsibilities I won’t get an opportunity to wish you these tidings. I hope you all are able to take this opportunity to reflect upon the many blessings in your life, and be thankful.

In the spirit of this holiday I had some fun googling and I thought I would share with you a selection of Thanksgiving themed images.

Educational Philosophy

One of the projects I have been working on in one of my education classes is my educational philosophy. I view this piece of reflective writing very similar to my artist statement that I developed for studio art. The philosophy is meant to describe the teaching practices of the instructor and associate his/or her style to standard schools of educational thought. When I began developing my philosophy there were six main areas we were instructed to address. Here is a graphic framework for my philosophy. Enjoy!

Critters coming in… but not for Thanksgiving!

Its that time of year again when the temperature drops and the ground freezes and many of the furry and chitin creatures (insects) seek a warmer and for some damp environment. Sadly our invaded space is our laundry room  which also houses a few bags of bird seed and suet so it is favored by the rodent types. Luckily, our count is only to two on these visiting wildlings. Yet, I think in some ways the appearance of these fuzzy creatures out weighs that of  the camel (or greenhouse-stone) crickets (or as our neighbors call them spider crickets). Their very large curved abdomen and hind-limbs make them a bit menacing looking (for a creature the size of your pinky finger). So here’s to creature proofing your home — and enjoying a critter free Thanksgiving!

greenhouse-stone-cricket from arthurevans.wordpress.com

Textile Doodle Pumpkin

Sorry I didn’t get this up before, but I actually just finished my pumpkin. I tried a few different non-carving decorating techniques and just wasn’t happy the way it was turning out. Soo… I dug through my scrap paper bin and found my scrap rice paper and started to decapage the various items onto my pumpkin. Then I hot glued on some felt buttons and yarn and sharpied in a few designs. Sorry for the wait but here you are at last!

Surrealist pumpkin