Too weird to believe…

blue sea slug image from:

As I was looking through the various posts on Pinterest, one of my friends had posted a picture of a blue sea slug (Glaucus atlanticus). It seemed too weird to be true. So I did some poking around and sure enough, these creatures do exist! How extraordinary.  According to the Natural History Museum website:

“The Glaucus atlanticus, or blue glaucus (Forster, 1777) is the only species of the genus Glaucus and only one of two species in the family Glaucidae. The animals float upside down at the surface of the sea, keeping afloat by swallowing air which is stored in their stomachs. Their diet is mainly made up of hydrozoans including the Portuguese Man o’ War – they even eat the stings. As well as getting nourishment from the stings, they use them for their own defense.”


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