Too carve or not to carve?

So I’ve waited for the cold weather to come and now I have only one evening to figure out and carve my pumpkin! TOmmorrow is HalloWEEN!  It ‘s really not that big of a dilemma to choose what to do but there are so many fun ideas out there! Deciding whether to  carve, or paint your pumpkin can become a difficult choice. Aesthetically, I think you can achieve great effects either way. Yet, on the other hand if you carve instead of paint your pumpkin will not likely last until the next fall holiday, Thanksgiving. So I think I’ve tallied my pros and cons and tomorrow – hopefully I will post my pumpkin creation.

Below are the ideas that I have found inspirational in my pumpkin design. Enjoy!


To See the Oceans Glow

Scanning Electron Microscopy of dinoflagellates from

You may have heard of a red tide before…If not let me remind you it generally occurs  when there has been an a exponential growth in the number of dinoflagellates in the water column often referred to as a ‘bloom.’ The water often turns a golden or red color under these conditions, it also creates a  condition where other organisms are unable to survive due to nutrient depletion (sometimes including oxygen).

Red tide from

Despite these inhospitable conditions other types of these organisms  produce a bioluminescent display that is spectacular.  When disturbed these unicellular creatures light up in the ocean waters. This makes boating under evening conditions  remarkable. I hope to one day witness this this oceanic beauty.

Blue tide by Phil Hart from

Night Photography

I recently added a very useful tool to my photographic kit, a tripod! This makes taking low light shots much easier. Tonight I decided to test my camera’s limits and went for a night shoot. The moon was out, street lights were glistening, a nice dry evening. I realized two settings are essential to night-time conditions  1) aperture and 2) shutter speed. If you are not mindful of your aperture you will not realize how much of your image will be in focus. Yet, if you do not take shutter speed into consideration well, you might just take one black photo right after another.

Here are my favorite shots of tonight’s secession:

Too weird to believe…

blue sea slug image from:

As I was looking through the various posts on Pinterest, one of my friends had posted a picture of a blue sea slug (Glaucus atlanticus). It seemed too weird to be true. So I did some poking around and sure enough, these creatures do exist! How extraordinary.  According to the Natural History Museum website:

“The Glaucus atlanticus, or blue glaucus (Forster, 1777) is the only species of the genus Glaucus and only one of two species in the family Glaucidae. The animals float upside down at the surface of the sea, keeping afloat by swallowing air which is stored in their stomachs. Their diet is mainly made up of hydrozoans including the Portuguese Man o’ War – they even eat the stings. As well as getting nourishment from the stings, they use them for their own defense.”

Photo of the week 10/20

One of my goals for the next couple of months is to consistently document the beauty that surrounds my everyday life. Luckily, today I got the opportunity to go to Land Between the Lakes, National Recreational Area, and enjoy the colorful fall leaves. Here’s one of my favorite shots! Enjoy.

Quilts for Kids

Quilt made for Quilts for Kids

For many months now I have  been  toying with the idea of trying to make a quilt. When I heard of  Quilts for Kids, I knew I needed to at least give it a try. This organization is geared toward making quilts for children who are in hospitals. They send out  kits to volunteers (complete with fabric) to make a quilt or request that individuals  try and make a quilt with their scrap fabric. My neighbor is working on her third quilt to send off to this organization and has really enjoyed making these quilts for kids in need. I am hoping to get started soon I have already picked out my pattern, I will be sure to share the finished quilt. Find out more on this organization using the link below.

Night Sketch

Last night I was in one of those creative moods where I really wanted to make/draw/paint something. So I took out a pen, some paper and a few favorite photographs to reference and started drawing. Here’s what resulted:


2013 Pet Calendar – IT’s FINISHED

My goodness – its been a very busy past couple of weeks. One thing I have to show for it is my finished design of the 2013 Humane Society pet calendar. This year there seemed to be better photos submitted than in past years. I got my calendar design approved beforehand so I didn’t have quite so many decisions to make about the other layouts. Below are the front and back covers. If you’re interested in a calendar check out Enjoy!