Fun in Florida

My husband and I  just got back from a four day trip to Jacksonville Florida. The beach was warm and sunny and I got a chance to see some of the native creatures. What a beautiful place to visit. Here are a few pics from my adventures. Enjoy!

Here is a photo of one the lizards that we found on the walkways.

Various textures of trunks of the palm trees.

Marina adjacent to Crazy Fish restaurant.

Cormorant on dock.

View of Salt Marsh from air boat.

Buoy indicating crab trap.

Barnacles on support pillars.

Atlantic beach

Sandpipers on the sand.


Semester revs up

Its been a busy and emotionally draining past couple of days but I figured I would write a quick post before I leave for a few days.  Classes have been keeping me busy with group projects, homework and a few child development observations. It has been fun seeing where the ideas of the great psychologists developed.

Also, for the third year in a row, I  am starting to work on the Humane Society’s pet calendar. I thought I would share with you one of the layouts I designed. (This one didn’t get chosen, but at least shows you what I’ve been up to). Enjoy!

Little armored one

ARMADILLO! Yesterday when my husband and I were hiking at the Land Between Lakes National Recreational area in Kentucky we found an armadillo awake and digging around in the woods. Normally these are nocturnal critters but perhaps the previous night storms kept him in his burrow rather than feasting on tasty grubs in the moonlight.

While hiking along this critter soon realized he had a couple of onlookers and took off. We actually ran into him on the other side of the looping trail and got a good look at his armor up close. Sadly the picture below is the best one I got— I will blame it on my excitement.  Below are a few pictures and links about this very interesting  animal.

Nine banded armadillo

Nine banded armadillo skeleton with overlying armored skin.

Fun video about armadillos: