Photo of the week 8/31

I thought I would get one more post in before the start of a new month. Today I got a chance to go outside and take a few photos of the trees and wildlife in our backyard. Luckily, I caught a hungry downy woodpecker at our suet feeder. He didn’t seem to mind the click of the shutter and stayed around for several minutes. Here’s my best shot – enjoy!

Downy Woodpecker Fall 2012


Painting in Progress

So I decided to crack out my old oil paints, easel and favorite mountain photograph and paint for a few hours one evening. The following painting isn’t quite finished there are a few things I still may change. It feels so good to paint again – hope to share more with you!

An evening project: DIY headband

There are some nights I just want to stay in and work on something simple in my craft room. Here is one  project that you can easily make in one evening. Sorry I did not photograph the process but I’m sure you can find an illustrated step-by-step guide for making one on-line if you wish.

1) Choose the fabric (you need less than 1/4 yd) generally I try to make something that will accentuate a certain outfit in my wardrobe.

2) Trace an existing headband and make it 1/4 of an inch larger all the way around. Cut out two patterns, face right sides together. Sew parameter but leave a hole to turn headband right-side-out.

3) Iron and sew parameter to strengthen. Add embellishments as you wish.

Back to School!

Today marks the beginning of a new semester. I am always excited for the start of a new year! This year I will be working on getting a certification to teach secondary education (more specifically biology). I realized that I really wanted to teach biology at the high school level instead of at the college level. So here I go back to school!

End of summer rush begins!

Sorry I haven’t given an update recently but I’ve been traveling quite a bit (Iowa for Ragbrai )  and last week I came down with some sort of stomach bug. Tomorrow I plan on heading to Wisconsin for my sister-in-laws wedding. In the meantime I’ll be packing and finishing up my proposal. Hopefully, I’ll get a new post up before school starts! I can’t believe summer is almost over!