Getting ready to ride!


So this summer I decided to take the plunge and ride two days of the infamous bike ride across Iowa, RAGBRAI. In March I splurged for a new 24 speed Specialized bicycle and have been cross training on the pavement and in the gym for this arduous ride for the past couple of months. Generally this ride occurs during the hottest portion of the summer, and by no means is this state as flat as pancake! In just two days I will ride over 120 miles, this is no easy task but is something I’ve been interested in attempting for many years. Not only will I be riding my trusty bicycle and be bringing along copious amounts of water I will also have a good friend at my side and a few other family members and acquaintances that will be riding with me for a portion of my two-day route. I am eager, anxious, excited and of course ready to sweat! Looking forward to this notorious ride across the beautiful corn-filled state of Iowa.


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