Getting ready to ride!


So this summer I decided to take the plunge and ride two days of the infamous bike ride across Iowa, RAGBRAI. In March I splurged for a new 24 speed Specialized bicycle and have been cross training on the pavement and in the gym for this arduous ride for the past couple of months. Generally this ride occurs during the hottest portion of the summer, and by no means is this state as flat as pancake! In just two days I will ride over 120 miles, this is no easy task but is something I’ve been interested in attempting for many years. Not only will I be riding my trusty bicycle and be bringing along copious amounts of water I will also have a good friend at my side and a few other family members and acquaintances that will be riding with me for a portion of my two-day route. I am eager, anxious, excited and of course ready to sweat! Looking forward to this notorious ride across the beautiful corn-filled state of Iowa.


A quick trip to the woods

I couldn’t resist posting on my first trip out to observe the endangered plant I’m studying. Today I went with a biologist from Tennessee to a couple of the Apios populations on state owned lands. It definitely gave me a better appreciation of their growth habits, number of individuals per site and a few other look-a-likes that could lead to misidentification. I was pretty lucky at one of the sites it was in flower! On our travels along the creek bed we ran into a red spotted newt and some doll’s eyes. Overall a great trip despite the bit of rain and heat.

red spotted newt © Michael Righi



Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Just thought I would give you a heads up I will be taking a short break from blogging while I travel to Wyoming with my husband for a special someone’s 80th birthday party.

I’ll be back soon!

Photo of the week 7/8

So it’s a funny phenomenon that our dog hates being in a photo with someone but does fine when you are photographing him by himself. I guess he just doesn’t like the shared attention. Here’s another fun family dog photo- enjoy!

The Ant

Every time we are outside either playing fetch with Otis, watering the flowers or mowing the lawn we see an ant crossing the cable (for our dog) that links one of our pear trees to the ash tree. We hardly use it these days because Otis hates being outdoors by himself regardless of heat. Anyway I figured I would capture one of these tree travelers while I was outdoors. Enjoy!