DIY – Wreath

After the wind broke our patio umbrella, the only thing that was to be salvage was the base and the fabric. So I decided to use that said fabric and make a wreath. I saw some fun online tutorials,  so I decided to modify one that was a burlap wreath design. It was a great tutorial with pictures demonstrating each step. The only suggestion I have is to use material that is stiff (if you don’t use burlap) and to be sure and wear gloves if you use gorilla glue. Here is the progress on my wreath. I think its still missing a little something…


3 thoughts on “DIY – Wreath

  1. Wow Jess I love this. Did you add something to it? What are the flower made out of? I made 3 more book page wreaths recently. One from a childrens first reader with great pictures included, one from pages of the bible and one with music. Having fun in the cool of the basement.

    • I actually added more fabric to the sides, as well as more of the burlap ribbon. The flowers are actually from an arrangement that I found at Walmart. So I just cut them short and glued them in where I thought they fit best. Maybe I will get to see your wreaths?

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