Photo of the week 6/29

So I had too much fun photographing and photoshopping  this image. Enjoy!

Gustav and his new castle


Celebrating 200+ posts!

This week Artemisia tridentata  hit the 200th mark on the number of blog posts! Thanks for reading, commenting and sticking with me for  these past three years. Here’s to 200 more thought-filled, interesting posts!

Brave – movie review

So if you’re looking for another wonderful Pixar flick look no further! Brave came out last Friday and this PG film will not disappoint.  The young princess, Merida, is a free-spirit, and not your every day princess. Her unkempt red hair, less than polite manners, and adventuresome spirit lead her on an journey of sorts to  “change her fate.”  On her path she discovers the responsibility she has to her family and keeping the clans united.

This film’s animation is breath taking from the dark misty forest, waterfalls and beautifully rendered characters. This Celtic, mystic world  Pixar creates is truly a magnificent realm.  Merida’s hair is also quite spectacular along with her  horse. They demonstrate the latest innovation in creating life-like characters.

So if you have a free evening and want to get out of the heat consider Brave, as one of your night-time entertainment options.

DIY – Wreath

After the wind broke our patio umbrella, the only thing that was to be salvage was the base and the fabric. So I decided to use that said fabric and make a wreath. I saw some fun online tutorials,  so I decided to modify one that was a burlap wreath design. It was a great tutorial with pictures demonstrating each step. The only suggestion I have is to use material that is stiff (if you don’t use burlap) and to be sure and wear gloves if you use gorilla glue. Here is the progress on my wreath. I think its still missing a little something…

Garden update!

So it has been several weeks since we have put in our vegetable garden and I have learned a few things along the way… (1) Corn can get blown over in a wind storm. (2) Japanese beetles do not look like lady bugs, they are green and shiny and are quite larger than your average lady bug. (3) Watering your garden is recommended, especially with high temperatures. (4) Pea plants hate the heat so planting them before May 15 (if you live in Kentucky) is recommended, sadly all of ours burned up. (5) A garden fence does not keep the moles.

As you can see I’ve had a fun time learning the gardening way. A few days ago we picked our first banana pepper and had it on a few hamburgers. They were quite delicious! I am looking forward to our corn being ready probably in just a few more weeks.

Baptismal banner #4

I just wanted to share with you one of my latest banner projects. Every time I design a (baptismal) banner I  like to design something new as well as change up the color scheme. However, I think I’ve finally found a design and size that I think works well, perhaps I will reuse the design? I also have been toying with the idea of embroidering the name and dates. However, I think I need a bit more practice before trying this on the banners. Hope you enjoy!

Summer Begins

Although, summer doesn’t officially start until the 20th, I think it has come a little early this year… For me, summer begins when the cicadas “arrive”. Remember, those large winged insects that leave their exoskeletons all over your tree trunks and hum the tune of summer in spite of the humidity and the roaring heat? Today I found one of those beastly insects newly emerged from its  shell on my gladiola leaf.  So I thought I would share with you my beginning shot of summer. Enjoy!