Keeping records

Garden journal cover

One thing that I have learned from my blogging experience is that it  is a good way of keeping record of the various happenings in my daily life. Namely, remembering when the Rose-breasted grosbeaks came through Murray or when the Azaleas bloomed.

Yet everything, does not make it to the blog, and I would not want to bore you with the minute by minute details of the simple life of a graduate student. So I have found new ways of recording information… or you might say the old fashion way pen & paper.

Since I have started gardening I have began to save all of the plant labels for future reference on care conditions or for future purchases. I  have placed them into a book, along with notes about their seasonal condition or problems it experienced. Also,  during my ornithology class this past spring I started a bird journal, documenting the various birds and vegetation during our early morning birding visits (mind you most of this journal was written on a very bumpy bus).  I have found both of my new record keeping journals very helpful  – so here’s to saving, scraping and journaling!

Inside garden book

Birding journal

Another page in birding journal


One thought on “Keeping records

  1. Oh Jess, I love your journal ! I salute you for first starting/creating it and then using it! I love journals (or should I say everyone else’s), but I’ve never done one myself. Started a few. I get very distracted, don’t know what theme to use, and on and on. You are giving me inspiration to start again. (If ‘starting again’ can work for exercising it can work for journaling too!!

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