Photo of the week 5/31

Here’s a shot from our carport door. My husband gave me the idea to capture this lovely web.

Door Web


Drive-In Theater

Although, I am not a part of the first generation to experience drive-in theaters, after watching my first full-length feature film at a drive-in (Calvert City, KY) I can definitely understand their appeal. Arriving about an hour early to get our spot, I soon realize the many families who are there really make this a full night of reasonably priced entertainment. The back field is quite convenient for a few games of catch or tag for the youngsters and the concession stand offered a substantial array of ball-park cuisine.  Our pre-evening entertainment consisted of  throwing  a football, and pulling  out our lawn chairs and opening a good book.

Before the movie started, we decided sitting in our car might be better for us in masking some of the surrounding distractions. We tuned into the radio station that broadcasted the audio and soon our feature began. (This theater actually runs two movies starting at 8:20PM or later). I noticed at first the projected image on the screen seemed a bit faint but as the evening grew darker the image improved. There was definitely something appealing about sitting in your car versus sitting in a theater seat next to your everyday stranger. Yet, this theater was not free from distractions; every once in a while a driver  forgot to shut of their headlights and a few tall individuals  forgot to duck down while passing in front of the projector. While watching the 2+ hour film we made sure our car continued to start to ensure the battery kept its charge.

Overall, a great night out of the house enjoying one of America’s favorite past-times.

New theme/design

So I finally pushed myself to choose a new theme/design for Artemisia tridentata. I just wanted to give it a clean, fresh look. I also tried keeping the right hand navigation in tact, to make for an easier transition. The new design has only two columns, instead of three, the main column of  information and then a smaller side column for widgets (calendar, comments etc.) Let me know your thoughts on the new design or if you have any suggestions for better navigation. Thanks Jessica!

Keeping records

Garden journal cover

One thing that I have learned from my blogging experience is that it  is a good way of keeping record of the various happenings in my daily life. Namely, remembering when the Rose-breasted grosbeaks came through Murray or when the Azaleas bloomed.

Yet everything, does not make it to the blog, and I would not want to bore you with the minute by minute details of the simple life of a graduate student. So I have found new ways of recording information… or you might say the old fashion way pen & paper.

Since I have started gardening I have began to save all of the plant labels for future reference on care conditions or for future purchases. I  have placed them into a book, along with notes about their seasonal condition or problems it experienced. Also,  during my ornithology class this past spring I started a bird journal, documenting the various birds and vegetation during our early morning birding visits (mind you most of this journal was written on a very bumpy bus).  I have found both of my new record keeping journals very helpful  – so here’s to saving, scraping and journaling!

Inside garden book

Birding journal

Another page in birding journal

Vegetable gardening 101

My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view.  ~H. Fred Dale 

My husband and I  put in our very first vegetable garden after an inspirational visit to a fruitful garden in Texas. We debated for a while about raising the garden bed  but realized its fine to just till the existing soil.  With a little help from a classmate I was told where we could get soil tested, and receive recommendations for soil content based on the type of vegetation you are planting.  So I dug up a few cups worth of soil and had it sent off. In the meantime, I decided to start the vegetable seeds in small peat containers. For a while they did very well, they all germinated however one day I left them out too long in the sun and subsequent days later  insect larvae (caterpillars) finished them off. So we ended up purchasing a few plants knowing their survivorship would be much higher than starting new seedlings. So we picked up 5 Pepper plants, 8 corn, 4 herbs, 8 peas, 8 string beans. Soon our test results were in and we picked up the appropriate fertilizer. So today was planting day, we had a friend till our 5’x10′ garden plot and then planted  our vegetables. Lastly, to deter herbivory we put in a small 2′ fence. Now we’re just waiting to enjoy the fruits of our labor! (With definitely, some watering & weeding in between that time.)

What’s outside your window?

As I was filling the suet feeder this morning, I noticed a small creature poking out from underneath my air-conditioning unit… It was a skink!

(Sorry, the picture’s a bit blurry, I ran in quickly to grab my camera and I only got  one shot off before it dove back under).