Latest Design

It’s been a hard transition getting back into the swing of things from not having class last week. One project  I’ve been working on is a re-design of a webpage as a part of a Service Learning Project for my Conservation Biology class (you should check out the original site). The original author put in a ton of time into all the information and used the best resources at the time for design. Here is my introductory page (splash page)  keep in mind its a work in progress. Enjoy!

Splash page for Website


Scenes from the beautiful state of Texas

What a wonderful time of year to visit East Texas! The wild flowers are blooming, and the wetlands are rich with life. Here are a few photos I took in our week – long travels. I’m sure I’ll tell more tales of my adventure early next week. In the mean-time enjoy these photos.




Whistling ducks

Spanish moss

At the Gulf

At the Beach

Brown Pelican

Spring Break in Texas

I’ll be gone until the 25th. My husband and I are taking a much needed vacation to the Lone Star state (Texas) to visit his Aunt, Uncle and cousins that live near  Houston. We’ll likely go birding at one of the nearby wildlife refuges, enjoy some Southern BBQ and perhaps a little shopping and some outdoor recreation. I’ll be sure to share my adventure upon my return. Until then feel free to catch up on any entries you may have missed.

You can judge a bird by its feet!

Foot characteristics  has been an important feature for classifying birds into different taxonomic orders.  Early in the 19th century ornithologist Hans Gadow created a list of 40 morphological characteristics including foot scale arrangement and number of toes (along with many other features) to help define the orders of existing birds.

Oftentimes,  students learning ornithology are taught the 34 orders  by studying the feet of various bird species. The variation from webbed to unwebbed feet, color and scale arrangement is amazing. Who knew you could identify a bird by its feet!

Betta drawings

Just wanted to share with you a few quick sketches I did the other day. Lately, I’ve been a little fish obsessed. They definitely have more personality than what I expected. Enjoy!

Meet Gustav

Here’s the newest creature to enter into our home. He is a male Betta fish, I named Gustav (after the famous artist Gustav Klimt). In the past I’ve unsuccessfully cared for goldfish so I thought I would try again with a Betta. They are a cleaner fish and do not require a heater nor a filter like many tropical fish (neons, guppies etc). He already made it through the first night – so here’s to many more!

Out with the birds

Today was our second Ornithology lab starting at about 6:30AM and lasting until 3:00PM. We saw many different types of waterfowl including two species of grebe (Horned Grebe, Pied billed Grebe), Hawks, White Pelicans, Sparrows and Bald Eagles. This trip I tried out my new binoculars and found them to be much more brighter and clearer than my other pairs. Below are a few shots I took on my trip.

Eagle nest

Snow Geese

American Coot


Eastern Phoebe