Taking on Recycling

Living in a couple of different cities across the U.S. (for varying periods of time) over the past 26 years, it is interesting to discover the differences between the  services every town or city provides to its residents.  One service that has recently become of interest to me  is recycling. My current small city does not provide roadside pick-up, so it is left up to the residents to decide whether or not to recycle.

For the past year and a half  I’ve kind of neglected to look for recycling opportunities until  a class discussion revealed where I could take my recyclable goods. I realized there was a free drop-off place in town where I could take plastics, glass, paper, cardboard,  aluminum and tin cans. I also discovered I could recycle my ink cartridges at most office supply stores in town.

Recycling is now incorporated into my every day routine. Now if only I can get a few more uses out of my Ziploc bags!



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