Prairie Home Companion – LIVE in Murray, KY!

Garrison Keillor and his crew Prairie Home Companion graced our presence yesterday in the little metropolis of Murray, Kentucky. My husband and I took the opportunity to see the live broadcast of the NPR show. The CSFB center, our basketball arena, was packed with people and families of all ages. We were a little worried when we  made it to the entrance that we wouldn’t make it in, there was a huge line of people waiting. Finally we made it through security and the next two hours were filled with delightful blue-grass-music (celebrating Kentuckian Bill Monroe’s music), skits (my favorite Guy Noir Private – Eye), along words from their infamous sponsors: Guy Shoe’s, Catup, Buttermilk biscuits and Duct tape.

Prairie Home Companion was a radio show my family frequently listened to on long car rides. Keillor’s voice is one of comfort, a soothing, lively Grandfather voice telling good wholesome tales. I especially liked how this broadcast embellished upon life in Murray.  Local restaurants and ideologies were mentioned along with local lore of pickup trucks, shotguns  & coon dogs. The sound effects man truly was a highlight of the evening- who knew one man could produce so many sounds?

Overall a very fun show! Below are a few links to their website and podcasts.

A link to the Murray Show

Prairie Home Companion Website


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