Project: Banner

I have taken on the responsibility of making banners for my church, after they seemed to have liked the first one  I made.  This time  I am making a banner for a baby boy so I decided to change up a few colors and designs from the previous baptismal banner I made (see post). I first started with a digital sketch of sorts, purchased materials and then the banner making commenced! I changed quite a bit from my original design, but that happens when you can’t find a certain color of material or fringe. Below is a  photograph of the finished banner. Enjoy!

Finished banner


6 thoughts on “Project: Banner

  1. Hi! I LOVE your banner and my son will be baptized next month. Are these available for purchase? I’d love to buy one!!!! Thank you!

    • Lisa,
      I’m flattered that you would love to buy one of my banners. However, this time of year is probably the busiest with graduate school starting up again. I normally make baptismal banners at no cost to the church (many people have donated felt to help defray some of the cost). This is something I may consider in the future but right now I just don’t have the time.

      Have you looked at It’s a wonderful artisan website that often times you can have them create a custom piece at a reasonable cost. Here’s a seller I found through a quick search.

      Hope this helps, sorry for the late reply.


  2. I love this beautiful banner. I also recently volunteered to make the banners at my church and I was wondering how you get such perfect letters. Did you cut those out individually or can you buy the letters already cut? I can see that you machine-sewed most of the pieces on… but what about the letters, how are they attached? Thanks for any help you can offer!

    • I bought self-adhesive felt, choose a readable font & size from one of my computer design programs, printed them out and cut them, then traced them on the felt. It is a kind of a lengthy process I’m sure there is a better one out there. The self-adhesive felt does save some time on gluing.

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