Photo of the week!

The next couple of weeks are going to busy for me, so I may not be able to post as much as I would like…. But please bare with me!

Anyway, this week I got an opportunity to shoot a few photos of my dog. He’s not always the most cooperative so I thought while he was sleeping would probably be the best time. Hope you enjoy!

sound asleep

waking up


The Nightly Sketch

Tonight was a night I just felt like sketching. I drew a few images from references and a few from memory. Here’s the two I liked the most. Enjoy!

In Remembrance

Saw this comic the other day, while muddling around in the facebook world. I thought it was a rather nice commentary on the perception of Steve Jobs by fellow Americans. May he rest in peace.

Photo of the week 10/8

Without really realizing it this pretty little weed was taking over our side lawn and becoming a haven for bumble bees. My husband mowed the lawn today (hopefully, the last time for the season) and I decided to snap a few shots before he took off their berry-like inflorescence. Here’s my best shot:

Asiatic smartweed

LEGOS game review : Creationary

There is something about those highly saturated and colorful, vastly evolved small, plastic, building blocks also known as LEGOS. They are more than just a fun entertainment device for children over the ages of 5 – 12 now they are a part of a game capitalizing on everyone’s inner child.

Perfectly named Creationary, this 3+ player game involves creating animals, buildings, transportation vehicles and tools that corresponds to the associated die. Essentially it is pictionary with LEGOS, without the timer. The innate difficulties that come with this game are building with a limited number of LEGOS and fundamentally knowing how to turn a four by four dot LEGO squares into the Parthenon (don’t worry there are many more shapes to use).

My husband and I  enjoyed playing this game over a long after dinner conversation (I think my husband also made dessert while I was still building). It is a very slow playing game, partially due to not having any timed elements. I would recommend this game to any creative type who enjoys building with LEGOS. This game is not for everyone.