This week I will be taking a break from blogging due to an upcoming take-home test, research proposal and other projects. Enjoy previous posts and I’ll be writing again in about a week!


Photo of the week 9/25

While picking a green pepper this afternoon I found this little a cicada’s exoskeleton dangling from the stem of my pepper plant. ENJOY!

Cicada shell in low light

On our way to finding Mulberries…

I finally got  from my adviser the photos I took using her DSLR camera from our excursion to Southern Illinois.  In the midst of looking for Red Mulberry trees, I took these photos. Hope you enjoy! (Consider these images the photo of the week).



Looking into the forest


Bald cypress with cones


Rattlesnake master



National Quilt Museum

Nature quilt from National Quilt Museum http://www.quiltmuseum.org/

What a whorl wind week this has been! I was hoping to get this post up a little sooner but alas sometimes you have to get done the things you need to do versus want to do. Anyway, this past weekend when my husband’s parents were in town  we decided to visit the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY. I have always enjoyed  the various patterns and material used to construct the quilts  that my Grandma has made along with my husband’s Nana. However personally, as an artist, I  never considered quilting a craft I would take on simply because I am not a confident sewer.

Yet, after visiting this museum I was inspired to (at some point) take on this craft, this art form, of material and thread.

There were various themed exhibits at the museum, the one I particularly feel in love with were the nature themed quilts. The characteristics of the quilts that I gravitated toward were the nontraditional, layered, highly textured and generally featured plants, fungi, lichens or birds.

Other non-nature quilts that I especially enjoyed seeing at the museum were the Beatles tribute quilt (the various squares featured their songs like Lucky in the Sky, Strawberry Fields, Octopus’s garden it had a nice bright pink background), another memorable quilt was the Lord of the Rings quilt (it had a black background and metallic thread was used to create the characters, very intricate), there were various reversible quilts that I also found appealing.

Quilt from National Quilt Museum http://www.quiltmuseum.org/

Overall, a fun trip I would definitely recommend this museum to any creative type who is in the Western Kentucky area! Feel free to visit the National Quilt Museum website at:  http://www.quiltmuseum.org/

Belated photo of the week

This week, the image I have posted was actually taken by my father-in-law. My in-laws visited us over the labor day holiday.  My husband spotted this slug and seven others on the sidewalk when taking our dog out after dusk. Some of the slugs were 3+ inches long.

Late night garden intruder